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Owner: @daveman415

Owner: daveman415 "Got my first Rx7 when I was 15 for my first car. 16 years later and I've had 5 Fc's and a Fd. The sound of brapp and spitting fire πŸ”₯ out the tail pipe are what I love about rotary motors. Happy 50 years Mazda with rotary powered cars" - daveman415

June 2017 1
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Owner: @s2kinky

Owner: s2kinky "Hey I'm from Sacramento California. I'm 21, and I owned the car since I was 18. Stayed mostly stock the whole 2 years and I decided to jump on over fenders and fitment scene last year. I wanted to do a build on the s2000 that most don't really do because of the purist that associate with these cars as well. So some feel discouraged about doing anything out of the purist norms. I do however focus on driving more than looking the part. Yeah I have stretched tires but the tire size isn't bad. I've touge through the local cliff sides countless times to have confidence to that I am a good driver. Auto cross, road course, and tracking are all in mind for this car. A track car is a good show car. Not vice versa, that being said, my cars not in perfect condition, it gets a lot of abuse and it will show on the car. So I'm not anal about my car being clean. I'm more concern about It's performance." - s2kinky

June 2017 2
Owner: @jus_tyn

Owner: jus_tyn ""Your car is a representation of your personality. I had a great vision of how I wanted my car to look when I first got it brand new back in Nov 2015. I worked hard to turn my car into the masterpiece that she is today. She is a work of art and more big plans coming up!" - jus_tyn

June 2017 5
Owner: @sconik08

Owner: sconik08 "Ive been into cars and trucks since i was a little kid. Following in my father's footsteps working at his body shop at a young age tinkering around. Me and this car have been through hell and back. I'm working on my 5th rebuild of the front end and will soon be painting the whole car. As much as i hate this car. I love it even more. Big plans ahead" - sconik08

June 2017 3
Owner: @dan_frenchy

Owner: dan_frenchy "It's the first car I've modified properly, not too sure what style it's going for at the minute, just love the "wing" mirrors and the rusted steelers. Looking at going wider in the future with rocket bunny style wide arches." - dan_frenchy

June 2017 4
Owner: @alinaramer

Owner: alinaramer "I've always loved cars ever since I was a little girl. Always playing with hot wheels rather than dolls. By the time I had turned 16, I received my first car - a 2005 GTI that I've had ever since. It's been a good ride but the car is dying on me. I'm 19 now and have a FRS Rocket Bunny as my second car to have fun in, and I've been happy ever since😊" - alinaramer

June 2017 5
Owner: @vanessa.ventura_

Owner: vanessa.ventura_ "I'm Vanessa and i have my s2k since last year. I started with an old honda civic with 90hp, but this Engine was for me too slow. I built in this car a b16 with vtec. I Sold this car for 2 years,but i trust the next car will be an Honda too. I search for a long time, then i found a s2k rhd. I bought it... but i had only Problems with it. So i sold it too. Then i was a Long time without a car Till a good friend sell his s2k. It was the perfect car for me. 😊😊😊 My plans now are more Performance and aerodynamic like an carbon Wing from voltex. An rear diffusor. Carbon hood and a carbon coldair intake. For the Interieur i bought some bride low max seats and i search for a cage." - vanessa.ventura_

June 2017 7
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Owner: @junior_rx8
PC πŸ“·: @chisbelguel

Owner: junior_rx8 PC πŸ“·: chisbelguel "l started to love cars when l was a child, now it is my passion. l love fast cars and the sound of the engine. l always got stock cars and l like to modified as l like. l got my car cleaned. It was so different than it is now. l put everything on step by step" - junior_rx8

June 2017 7
Owner: @trailblazer503

Owner: trailblazer503 "I grew up playing "Need For Speed" and watching "Fast and the Furious" and as I grew older I had older friends that had imports, and I have always wanted to own a import tuner and learn more about them . Now my dreams are coming true and I'm anxious to see where my dreams take me 😁" - trailblazer503

June 2017 2
Owner: @subiesoldier

Owner: subiesoldier "Well. I'm eric and a 20 year old soldier in the army. My passion is jdm cars and my 13 sti honestly is my dream car. To me it brings back the golden era of wide body jdm. I love putting the best into any car and live for seeing cars transform. I've always had the interest and when I got my 15 wrx it finally started. I always knew this year sti and rumble was calling me though. I made a promise to be one the best subarus to be in the game. And I will be." - subiesoldier

June 2017 5
Owner: @bergeron_s2k

Owner: bergeron_s2k "I really started enjoying cars when I realised I've met all my friends in car shows, it's now more then MY passion, it's ours..I prefer the naturally aspirated power, so I managed to aim for the best power/weight ratio possible, i took a little over 500 pounds off my 04 s2k and got a bunch of quality parts/bolt-ons on top of it..It's the first car i own that i didn't get bored of owning, and I probably won't ever be! Share the passion, enjoy the passion!" - bergeron_s2k

June 2017 4
Owner: @project_snail
PC πŸ“·: @emmanuelsiguenza

Owner: project_snail PC πŸ“·: emmanuelsiguenza "I became interested in the import car scene when i was 15. I drove my brothers scion frs and knew that I had to have a nicer build than him one day. Theres no better first car than a turbo Miata! Im still learning lots about cars and trying to attend as many meets as i can!" - project_snail

June 2017 2
Owner: @Slonata_Chris
PC πŸ“·: @ruined50

Owner: Slonata_Chris PC πŸ“·: ruined50 "Well I got into cars at a young age and it was a way for me to bond with my stepfather. It was only a few years ago that I stopped being a spectator and joined in on the fun of owning and modifying cars. The Slonata, as I call it, is a VIP car and will continue getting that treatment from me." - slonata_chris

June 2017 2
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Owner: @86_akira

Owner: 86_akira "I've loved cars ever since I can remember. I never really planned on a build. I only planned on having my car the way I dreamed it. Nothing was planned. It just evolved in the way it did. Didn't do it to be different or to be seen, just to fullfill a goal I set from the beginning of my childhood." - 86_akira

June 2017 3
Owner: @tom0t
PC πŸ“·: @roopehaa (middle pic)

Owner: tom0t PC πŸ“·: roopehaa (middle pic) "I have been interested in cars since childhood. I bought this mr2 as a dailydriver but then bored to the standard look of it. I have reached this point and will continue to build this car to that point when im satisfacted about it. Like front splitter,rear diffuser, new spoiler stands, new front wheels, bucketseats, rollcage etc" - tom0t

June 2017 2
Owner: @wrxryxn

Owner: wrxryxn "I bought this car not knowing a thing about Subaru's nor anything about cars. 2 weeks after buying this car the motor spun a bearing and i had no idea what i was going to do. So I said screw i have all the tools and a lift in my buddies garage to do a jdm engine swap. So i pulled all my saving i had left and imported a motor that night then it was time to swap. She's been running great since! Slowly but surely fading away from being a daily and more of a track car." - wrxryxn

June 2017 7
Owner: @paul_gt86_dxb
PC: @paulaggarao

Owner: paul_gt86_dxb PC: paulaggarao "I just love the balanceΒ of the 86.Β My 86 right now hasΒ 350bhp and 305 lb-ft of toqrue.Β It's one of the ultimate driver's car in my opinion. It's light, it's rearΒ wheelΒ drive, so it oversteers (goes sideways), it handles the corners very very well. Almost makes a game out of every turn. It always puts a smile on my face. And the looks ain't bad either.Β Everytime I park it, and as I walk away from it, I find myself looking back a couple times. I don't know what you call it, it happensΒ everytime. I asked my friends what they think it was and they just laugh at me. Of course, the same symptoms are also occur with most carΒ enthusiasts. In track, drift or just spirited driving, the 86 is justΒ breathtaking.Β " - paul_gt86_dxb

June 2017 11
Owner: @storyyofmyylifeee

Owner: storyyofmyylifeee "After watching fast & furious and seeing Paul Walker's car I fell in love with R34's. I needed a car which was a sedan because I needed that extra space and my dream car was a R34. After doing research, I found out R34 sedans existed. Did a search and saw this car for sale and fell in love instantly. Even though its sedan, non turbo and auto, as of right now, I ended up getting what I need, and couldn't be happier." - storyyofmyylifeee

June 2017 4
Owner: @e46nate

Owner: e46nate "Top down ridin' the city blowin loud" - e46nate

June 2017 2
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Owner: @forever_ruined_

Owner: forever_ruined_ "I have always been a builder, classics, bikes, cars (check my page lol) So when I build something, I push my limits, worse feeling is seeing the same parts or style on another car, I strive to stand out and be unique. Best feeling is when someone says "What bumper/hood/trunk/wide body is that" And I'm like "Custom 😏" BuildDontBuy" - forever_ruined_

June 2017 2
Owner: @08coupe35

Owner: 08coupe35 "I grew up loving cars, ever since I could talk pretty much, going for rides in my dads mustang were the greatest.Loud music, burnouts,going fast, I loved it all. Later in the years I continued to like cars alot but never cared to purchase one. Until my buddy took me for a spin in his car, that changed everything, I had to get one and I did months later, I haven't regretted it since. Cars bring people together and are a great hobby πŸ‘Œ" - 08coupe35

June 2017 5
Owner: @mellowyellowdc2

Owner: mellowyellowdc2 "My passion for cars comes from my fathers influence for sure... We went to the local Honda showroom in 1998 to see the DC2. I was around 15. I fell in love with it immediately.. My dad opted for an Escort Cosworth instead at the time. But I knew I had to have this... Now I've just got my fourth DC2. Previously owned two UKDMs and a JDM 98spec over 11 years. After that I tried a few other cars... Newer, 'nicer' cars... But actively trying to find the 'holy grail'... Took almost three years but I got her and I'm over the moon.. I don't intend to ever let her go." - mellowyellowdc2

June 2017 5
Owner: @stivvas30

Owner: stivvas30 "I was always more of a car builder than a car driver. But I built a car that lets you feel everything when you drive.... and that has reinforced that I am a builder." - stivvas30

June 2017 5
Owner: @bonerpimpson

Owner: bonerpimpson "I just wanted to showcase my style & personality with this build. This car is me." - bonerpimpson

June 2017 5
Owner: @nightchaser_bb6

Owner: nightchaser_bb6 "I honestly never thought I'd get this far along with this build, and I'm only about halfway into my vision for it." - nightchaser_bb6

June 2017 3
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Owner: @sendit_decals

Owner: sendit_decals "My love of JDM cars started at 17 with my mx5 which is also when my love of drifting started, I then got a 350z at 18, which was the most fun I've ever had on road and skidding on track, now I have this beautiful car, such a rare car, taken a lot of work to get it to where it is, but so worth it! Adding the new T28 turbo was definitely the most stressful part." - sendit_decals

June 2017 7
Owner: @frslow_armani

Owner: frslow_armani "I fell in love with this car once the production model came out. And i knew this was the car i was going to get. I had some what of a vision on what i was going to do to it. I never thought mine was going to look like what it looks like today. Its crazy.. my goal was to be unique with this build from the start. Do things that most people arent doing." - frslow_armani

June 2017 5
Owner: @purpl6_haze

Owner: purpl6_haze "The min I heared that Subaru rumble, I knew the subie life was for me. Waited 6 months to find the right one but soon as I layed eyes on this thang I just knew this was the one. Slowly building it trying to turn a dream into reality ~ Rasho" - purpl6_haze

May 2017 5
Owner: @gc8_panda

Owner: gc8_panda "I've owned the car about 3 years now. Knew nothing about anything once I got it. But after I totaled it I bought it back and learned how to chop up a frame, weld, tear down and rebuild an engine, timing and all that fun stuff. So the cars a little rough around the edges but I've put everything I have personally into this car. I hope to keep it and constantly improve on it as time goes on!!" - gc8_panda

May 2017 8
Owner: @damnnnn_dany

Owner: damnnnn_dany "I've always been a guy who likes to be different, coming from American muscle I told my buddies if I were to ever own an import I'd go all the import and own a RHD car. When I saw the Laurel I knew I had to own it. Over the many cars I've own this one is by far my favorite. My goal is to show up and not have to introduce myself lol" - damnnnn_dany

May 2017 5
Owner: @_rexy_lexy

Owner: _rexy_lexy "I've owned the car about 3 years now. Knew nothing about anything once I got it. But after I totaled it I bought it back and learned how to chop up a frame, weld, tear down and rebuild an engine, timing and all that fun stuff. So the cars a little rough around the edges but I've put everything I have personally into this car. I hope to keep it and constantly improve on it as time goes on!!" - _rexy_lexy

May 2017 5
Owner: @mr_harry_smith

Owner: mr_harry_smith "I guess you could say I have always been a fan of oldschool Toyotas and have owned several of them, The 86 was always a dream car of mine, so one finally came up and I got it. And I'm slowly making it my own In it's own way, I didn't realize that when I got my 86 I joined a family of other 86 owners and enthusiasts that just want to help. Give us a follow πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ" - mr_harry_smith

May 2017 11
Owner: @jay_rxs

Owner: jay_rxs "The evo 9 has been my dream car ever since it came out and I had friends that had them so I would always want to ride in it or drive it whenever they let me. As soon as I got the chance to get one, I jumped on it and I still feel like it was the best decision I've made so far. I never really expected to be this deeply involved in fixing it up because I liked how it was out from factory but I couldn't help it once the mod bug started biting." - jay_rxs

May 2017 9
Owner: @jarod.foto

Owner: jarod.foto "My first car was a white gc that was in bad condition, worked on it with my dad and learned to drive stick on it. From there i got into subies. I always like wagons because they can be stealthy and practical at the same time. Also because I can pull off to big wings on it. My build is all about being "less is more" keeping it simple" - jarod.foto

May 2017 4
Owner: @diaznoel

Owner: diaznoel "Not sure what to say but just really thankful for my friends and family for supporting me and anything is possible πŸ’―" - diaznoel

May 2017 2
Owner: @uncommongamer

Owner: uncommongamer "I've always been into modifying cars since a young age, thanks to my father. He's been into cars as long as I can remember and he planted the bug in me. Getting my car to where she is now was a slow process, but I'm so happy with how she's ended up." - uncommongamer

May 2017 4
Owner: @slydsho

Owner: slydsho "I've built cars for over 16 years, none of them were easy. The time, frustration, and money involved proves that this is only meant for driven individuals. With that being said, this is no longer just a car. It's a statement. Driven" - Slydsho

May 2017 4
Owner: @z32_fairlady

Owner: z32_fairlady "found this car online and flew from Austin, TX to some town in Maryland. I drove over 2,000 miles to get back home, all by myself. It was a huge risk but owning a right hand drive is one thing I never thought I would get the chance to do so I jumped on it and I have been in love ever since. Got my first big ticket on my way home so I will always remember this car πŸ˜‚ This is my 3rd Z32 that I have owned and by far my favorite!" - z32_fairlady

May 2017 5
Owner: @romelyousif_

Owner: romelyousif_ "Nothing beats the iconic subaru rumble, especially after having Evo for lunch" - romelyousif_

May 2017 7
Owner: @blizzard_of_fozz

Owner: blizzard_of_fozz "Cars have always been a major passion in my life.Ive been a car guy ever since I could remember.My family has always had cool vehicles in the driveway.I think that's what started it.I just love beautiful paint,loud motors and things that go fast." - blizzard_of_fozz

May 2017 4
Owner: @baemax_sti15

Owner: baemax_sti15 "This was my mine and my boyfriends first big purchase together! We met on the car scene and after being together for over a year I traded in my beloved Toyota 86 for this beast! We love it and fight over who drives it but wouldn't have it any other way ☺️" - baemax_sti15

May 2017 7
Owner: @keon_abbott

Owner: keon_abbott "if you're car doesn't make you smile every time you turn it on it's not worth driving." - keon_abbott

May 2017 3
Owner: @ba5ic_x

Owner: ba5ic_x "I started with an evo viii and I absolutely loved that car, but wanted something a little newer to daily so I got the X. I'm mainly into evo's but I appreciate any make or model, there's too much hate out there to dog on someone with different taste." - ba5ic_x

May 2017 4
Owner: @omgzmbz

Owner: omgzmbz "Growing up I spent most of my time in the garage and at car shows with my dad. He was an original member of the Wisconsin Street Rod Association so I grew up with hot rods and muscle cars being restored and built from the ground up. My first car at 17 was a 1972 Cadillac Calais which I learned how to do body work and automotive painting on. In 2010 I started to get into imports and after my Corolla got totaled last year I bought my 2012 370Z! Now I'm just enjoying my car and slowly modifying it" - omgzmbz

May 2017 1
Owner: @jeromiesaurusrex

Owner: jeromiesaurusrex "I was always around cars with my best friend who was able to get a car that he could modify when we were in high school. I always had access to a car so never thought about actually buying something myself. When I was finally able to afford a car to modify on my own I just had 3 criteria; something to learn manual on, something I can modify, and a car with AWD that I could use everyday living in New England to make my commute more fun so I ended up with my WRX and never looked back" - jeromiesaurusrex

May 2017 4
Owner: @tanner_evans15

Owner: tanner_evans15 "Ive always had a passion for anything with with a loud exhaust and some horsepower. I live in a small town surrounded by mountains so I started out with 4x4s until I got into drifting and almost rolled my jeep. That's when I realized I needed a car. And what better rig to send it sideways then a Zcar. Im no mechanic, but I do my best to install all the upgrades I buy myself and have a hell of a fun time doing it. And yes a twin turbo swap is on the list, but we all know how long the list isπŸ˜‰"

May 2017 8
Owner: @projectr334

Owner: projectr334 "I grew up with dragracing so fast vehicles have always been my passion. From very young age I was trying to get everything that had a motor or engine in it go faster and quicker. After several other cars I decided it was time to get my dream car, a Nissan Skyline. Now I'm just repeating the process of making it quicker and faster again :)" - projectr334

May 2017 7
Owner: @s14omg

Owner: s14omg "Ive always been around cars, my family owns an autowrecker, my step dad is a drag racer and a car enthusiast. He is what gave me my love and passion for cars and i can't thank him enough!" - s14omg

May 2017 5
Owner: @robs3.8coupe

Owner: robs3.8coupe "Just have to work hard and if you work hard enough you can build anything you want to. But I've always loved and grew up watching fast n furious and also those need for speed games I grew up on lol. So that kinda started my love for imports as a kid and it grew with me as I got older. My first car was a 93 honda prelude, and it just wasn't fast enough so I wanted a brz but the lack of power even though it has great weight ratio, I just didn't like that so I chose the genesis instead." - robs3.8coupe

May 2017 2
Owner: @little_asiann_
PC: @billy_yables_3

Owner: little_asiann_ PC: billy_yables_3 "It seems as if I'm always seeking for something ever since I've gotten into cars, although I can't ever find what I'm looking for so until the day I die I will continue seeking into the horizon with my fairlady." - little_asiann_

May 2017 7
Owner: @86_fun

Owner: 86_fun "Ive always loved fast cars and knowing how things functioned and how little pieces turned into a big machine. The combination of my need for speed and engineering mind is what really got me into buikding my own car. I knew the day i bought this car that I was going to make it one of a kind. Its only been a year and I love this car more and more every time i start it up. Follow my page to stay up to date with my Black WidowπŸ‘Œ" - 86_fun

May 2017 5
Owner: @1986fc

Owner: 1986fc " when I finally started looking for my first car I just wanted anything that was manual and rwd I stumbled across a really beautiful ae86 that I couldn't stop thinking about, I set my goal to save up and buy it. one day going through craigslist I saw a red rx7 for super cheap, so I went to go look at it and the second the owner turned her on I fell in love. I paid him cash right on the spot and every since then I've been fixing every little thing I can and I plan to for many more years " - 1986fc

May 2017 10
Owner: @kim_arthuro

Owner: kim_arthuro "I started getting into cars when i was a kid. Started watching fast and furious franchise and i really loved the r34 skyline. I got this car as a stepping stone to a bigger one. Gt86 today and who knows what im gonna be driving tomorrow" - kim_arthuro

May 2017 3
Owner: @leo_redtc2

Owner: leo_redtc2 "I didn't think I would have so much love for the car game. It's just like a happy place , where nothing else matters just you , your car , and the long stretch of road in front of you , trying to get my Tc out there and noticed it will take some time but I love doing this" - leo_redtc2

May 2017 5
Owner: @jpmoon_

Owner: jpmoon_ "I didn't want to be a old man with a porsche... I wanted to enjoy life while age is still on my side" - jpmoon_

May 2017 6
Owner: @insta_sam1997

Owner: insta_sam1997 " i fell in love with subaru's watching colin mcrea when i was about 4 and have always dreamed of owning one. I was told id never get a 1.8 as a first car so i got a 2.0 instead haha than an rx8 and now at 19 im driving my dream car. I have lots planned for this and a forester project car planned, if someone tells you that you cant get a certain car, get a better one ;)" - insta_sam1997

May 2017 9
Owner: @secret.soarer

Owner: secret.soarer "I'm in the British army which I guess is a big part of my story. This is my first project car, fell in love with Soarers as the age of 17. Still learning how to car and doing the best I can on my own. It was my life goal to own one so it gives me immense pride that I do. I'm not sure where I'm going with my car but I'm very much a fan of the soarer, I plan on keeping it looking as much as an original soarer as possible with added suave 😏 As long as my car is healthy, I'm a happy girlie πŸ˜„ x" - secret.soarer

May 2017 5
Owner: @brenton_konig

Owner: brenton_konig "Supras have always been a dream car of mine to own, brought my first one on my p's and then saved hard to buy my second supra which is a 1993 twin turbo rz! Absolutely love it!" - brenton_konig

May 2017 7
Owner: @scott_evo8

Owner: scott_evo8 "I got into cars at a young again going to car shows with my mate and a his dad I loved the different styles of old school muscle and new style tuner cars and mainly because of the fast and the furious too" - scott_evo8

May 2017 7
Owner: @ewdwan

Owner: ewdwan "Since a very young age I have been obsessed with anything that has an engine, I have helped fix and modify my family's cars since I was about 7, my dad bought this car in 2007 and last year I bought it off him, many big plans for the future!" - ewdwan

May 2017 5