Nicholas Tung

Shuffling in the vineyard shuffledance perth swanvalley
#Shuffling #in #the #vineyard #shuffledance #perth #swanvalley



  • profile picture2017-05-09T01:05:34

    @shuttermagician no music lol. No mood boss

  • profile picture2017-05-09T01:08:25

    @tungkaisheng jus drop one

  • profile picture2017-05-09T02:13:33

    You need to learn to shuffle fasterrrr hahaha

  • profile picture2017-05-09T03:43:52

    So hipz ah

  • profile picture2017-05-09T04:19:22

    @cxlenph can do faster but then the music very relax.

  • profile picture2017-05-09T04:20:12

    @emilyayp my friend say I do too slow.

  • profile picture2017-05-09T05:28:50

    @tungkaisheng okay la. Not bad la, uncle kai. Quite fast for your age.

  • profile picture2017-05-09T05:47:58

    @emilyayp just for the record, the last time I shuffle properly was 8 years ago. Hahah

  • profile picture2017-05-09T13:35:53

    everything about it was great.... till u fucking look at the camera and ruin it with that cb face.

  • profile picture2017-05-10T07:16:31

    @wongfeihongyourfather @ametnicolas I sure slap both of you

  • profile picture2017-05-10T07:19:09

    U are really fucking ugly

  • profile picture2017-05-10T07:27:36

    @ametnicolas you can do this simple shuffle for 7 sec or not

  • profile picture2017-05-10T08:27:02

    @tungkaisheng can u simply not look like a CB face for 2 secs or not