Nicholas Tung

蓝天白云 perth swanvalley vacation vsco
#蓝天白云 #perth #swanvalley #vacation #vsco



  • profile picture2017-05-08T15:28:35

    Like almost every pic of you is smoking

  • profile picture2017-05-08T15:40:08

    @elizzzmel that's because it's the only time which is free. Hahhah

  • profile picture2017-05-08T15:45:16

    @tungkaisheng hahaha but Alexis pictures nicer than yours leh. No sight of a cigarette + nice background hahaha

  • profile picture2017-05-08T15:48:05

    @elizzzmel that's because I took it. Hahaha

  • profile picture2017-05-08T16:00:48

    @tungkaisheng lol!! Ok nothing to say Liao. Haha